Title:  Regulations of deer harvest on private lands in east-central Mississippi.
Author(s): Guynn, D. C., Jr., S. P. Mott, H. A. Jacobson, and W. D. Cotton.
Year: 1981
Abstract: A program for cooperative management of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virgianus) on private lands in Kemper and Moxubee counties, Mississippi was tested from 1977-80. Landowners of clubs were required to furnish a description of habitat types, past harvests, and a statement of management goals. Participants collected data on age, weight, antler development, and occurrence of lactation. Biologists provided educational services when requested, analyzed data, prepared written reports and made harvest recommendations. Permits (valid for 3-6 weeks) were issued to set for the maximum for antlerless harvest. The number of permits issued was based on management objectives, condition of yearling bucks, and size, location and habitat type of lands under management. Participants made the final decision as to the number and distribution of permits to be used. An average of 54 participants involving 1,625 sportsmen and 142,025 acres per year were active in the program. Data were collected on 2,497 deer (89% of the reported harvest) over the 3-year period. The proportion of antlerless deer in the reported harvest increased from 0.26 (1.0 per sq. mile) in 1977-78 to 0.41 (2.5 per sq. mile) in 1979-80. The program required about 150 mandays per year to administer. Development of computer software for data analyses and report generation will reduce administrative time requirements. The program resulted in measurable attitude changes by sportsmen, biologists and conservation officers.

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