Title:  Quality management: a paradigm for the future?
Author(s): Marchinton, R. L., K. V. Miller, E. M. Marchinton, R J. Hamilton, T. L. Kile, and W. L. Cooper
Year: 1992
Abstract: The term Quality Management has come to represent a special approach to deer stewardship that involves restraint by hunters on harvesting young bucks and control of populations by fairly heavy but selective harvest of antlerless deer. It has taken on the character of a powerful "movement" throughout the South and even parts of the Northeast and Midwest. In this paper we attempt to identify future problems in deer management based on identifiable trends, e.g., more deer and fewer hunters, safety problems as suburbs move into the deer woods, demands for more "naturalistic" management of forest and wildland resources, and of course, increased anti-hunting sentiment. We find that the Quality Management paradigm addresses each of these trends in a very positive way. The potential for modifying regulations such as increasing numbers of doe days and/or tags and an experiment in changing legal antler criteria to facilitate the practice of Quality Management are also discussed

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