Title:  Adult sex ratio and conception dates in a South Carolina deer herd.
Author(s): Guynn, D. C., Jr., Sweeney, and R. J. Hamilton.
Year: 1986
Abstract: White-tailed deer on the Mt. Holly Plantation, South Carolina were harvested from 1981- 85 to transform a high density herd (late summer density of 1 deer115 acres) with an imbalanced sex ratio (late summer adult sex ratio of 25 males:100 females) to a moderate density herd (1 deer120 acres) with a more balanced adult sex ratio (67 males:100 females). Average annual harvest during the period was 19 antlered bucks, 32 mature does (> 1 112 years old) and 22 fawns (12 males, 10 females). The Wilcoxon rank sum test detected a significant difference (P
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