Title:  Pivot table - a tool for the deer manager
Author(s): Randy L. Tucker - West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Year: 2003
Abstract: Proper deer management requires the collection and analysis of biological data. Often a manager's interest is limited to the frequency, sum, average, or percent occurrence of an interest variable (e.g., weight, beam diameter, number of points, etc.). Summaries of these interest variables are usually stratified by categorical variables such as age, sex, location, or year. Numerous software packages exist to statistically compare biological data, but such packages often require the user to invest considerable training to become efficient in generating desired results. Conversely, a pivot table can quickly generate summaries with a minimal level of expertise. A pivot table (a data reporting tool in MS Excel) is an interactive table that automatically extracts, organizes and summarizes your data. Graphic representations are easily produced from the results generated by the pivot table. West Virginia has a mandatory game check-in system with stations located throughout the state. Deer biological data (sex, age, weight, beam diameter, number of points) were collected at selected stations from 1996 to 2001 for comparative purposes. A pivot table was used to calculate frequency, sum, average and percent occurrence of these interest variables. An interactive demonstration of the pivot table will be presented focusing on its utility in deer management.

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