Title:  A white-tailed deer management system for Virginia (a computerized data analysis and information system).
Author(s): Holloran, R. L. and R. H. Giles, Jr
Year: 1977
Abstract: A computer (FORTRAN) program, named VADMIS (Virginia Deer Management Information System), was developed to analyze and summarize Virginia Deer harvest data. Thirty years of county deer harvest and season regulation dating back to 1947 have been collected. These data have been stored on magnetic disk and constitute the VADMIS data base. Annual data required to update the data base include total kill, doe kill, season type, number of hunting days in the season, and the number of either sex days in the season for each county. Age data for bucks and does are also required for check stations west of the Blue Ridge where such data are currently collected. VADMIS generates reports and table summarizing and analyzing county, district, region, and state deer harvest data. Annual harvest information provided by the system includes: 1) Total kill 2) Antlered buck kill 3) Antlered buck kill / Sq. mile forest range 4) Total male kill 5) Total female kill 6) Percent females in total kill. County regulation information is also summarized by year and includes: 1) Type of season 2) Number of hunting days in the season 3) Number of either sex days in the season

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