Title:  Management recommendations for white-tailed deer on private lands and resultant harvest.
Author(s): Harwell, F.
Year: 1989
Abstract: A key function of the Technical Guidance Program of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is to assist private landowners with white-tailed deer management. The purpose of this report is to evaluate white-tailed deer harvest recommendations made by a biologist working in the Edwards Plateau Ecological Area. During the fall of 1987, harvest recommendations were made on 77 ranches involving 406,793 acres. All ranches had written management plans. Seventy-three of the 77 landowners responded to a harvest survey. Landowners responding controlled 384,741 acres. Recommended harvest was 8,830 deer and 5,970 were harvested. This represented 68% of the quota being attained. Composition of the deer harvest was 32% antlered and 68% antlerless. Ranchers allowed 3,839 individuals to hunt and provided 13,655 man-days of recreation. A comparison of harvest prior to management versus the first year of management indicated a shift in hunting pressure from male to female deer. A comparison of harvest data from the Edwards Plateau Ecological Area to ranches with management plans was made. Ranchers involved in management programs had a higher deer harvest, a greater proportion of antlerless deer in the kill, and a greater hunter density. Census of the 73 ranches estimated 9.57 acres per deer. Recommendations on these ranches were made to reduce deer density to 12.26 acres per deer. Harvest on these 73 ranches comprised approximately 15% of the total population, 2 1% of the bucks, and 20% of the does.

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