Title:  A ten-year review of an intensive deer management program in south Texas
Author(s): Zaiglin, R. E
Year: 1995
Abstract: An intensive deer management program was implemented on the Harrison Piloncillo Ranch in 1983. The initiation of this program was presented in 1987 at the 10th Southeast Deer Study Group Meeting in Alabama. The 107,000-acre ranch is located in Dirnmit, Webb, and LaSalle Counties. The ranch is divided into two management units - the 55,000-acre core area and the peripheral unit, which is leased commercially for hunting and serves as a buffer zone. Since 1985, a total of 202 mature (4.5+-years-old) bucks have been harvested in the core area. The harvest of mature bucks ranges from one adult per 1,666 to 4,230 acres. The average gross Boone and Crockett measurements for these males ranged from 128 in 1988 to 148 in 1993. The average annual dressed weight for these bucks ranged from 123 pounds in 1988 to 144 pounds in 1993. Since 1983, a total of 1,325 does were removed from the core area. The average field-dressed weight for 4.5-year-old does ranged from 72 pounds in 1987 to 88 pounds in 1993. 'Ihe percent lactation for 2.5+-year-old does ranged from a low of 10% in 1992 to a high of 62% in 1985. The doe-to-buck ratio was reduced from 2.4 in 1982 to 0.9 in 1989. Based on the 1994 aerial survey the present doe-to-buck ratio is 1.5. The present adult deer density is estimated at one adult deer per 13 acres. A total of 233 acres (36 food plots) are planted annually to enhance harvest efficiency. A selective buck and doe harvest scheme will be discussed.

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