Title:  Factors affecting capture myopathy in whitetailed deer.
Author(s): Beringer, J. J., L. Hansen, S. Sheriff, and W. Wilding.
Year: 1994
Abstract: Capturing and handling white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virninianus) for research purposes, relocation, or to administer drugs or vaccines sometimes results in mortality due to capture myopathy. We captured 415 deer from 1989-1993 as part of a deer mortality study in north central Missouri. Twenty-six deer died within 30 days of capture, and necropsy on a portion of these deer suggested capture myopathy was the cause of death. We examined differences in 9 capture and handling variables between deer that died within 30 days and those that lived beyond 30 days. We fitted a Cox proportional hazard model to these data points in order to determine the capture variables most affecting myopathy. Capture method and the number of animals captured during each attempt were strongly related to a deer's survival. We make recommendations that may reduce capture myopathy in white-tailed deer.

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