Title:  Evaluation of the Pennsylvania sex-age-kill model for white-tailed deer
Author(s): Andrew S. Norton, Duane R. Diefenbach - Pennsylvania State University; Christopher S. Rosenberry, Bret D. Wallingford - Pennsylvania Game Commission
Year: 2009
Abstract: The Sex-Age-Kill (SAK) model, when all age classes of males are assumed to have the same harvest rate, cannot be used with Pennsylvania harvest data. Because harvest regulations for antlered males specify that antlers must have a minimum number of points before a buck legally can be harvested, harvest rates for yearling males differ from older age classes. We modified the SAK model by directly estimating male harvest rates from radio-telemetry field studies and then estimated precision of population estimates using a parametric bootstrap approach. We found that population estimates by wildlife management unit had coefficients of variation (sd/mean) of <0.20. We used computer simulation to evaluate robustness of this modified SAK model to violations of assumptions.

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