Title:  Effects of chemical site preparation on deer forage in the Georgia sandhills
Author(s): Parker, J. R, J. J. Brooks, K. V. Miller, and A. S. Johnson
Year: 1994
Abstract: We compared summer white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virninianus) forage production following 3 herbicidal site preparation treatments, (Hexazinone wonone 10~~Im1az,ap yr [~rsenal~a]n,d Picloram Fordon 10lm] + Triclopyr [~arlon~]in) ,t he Sandhills region of Georgia at 1.2, and 3 years post-ueatment. Treatment plots were replicated 3 times. Vegetation was recorded within systematically located quadrants during late summer over a three year period. During the fust year after treatment, Hexazinone sites produced more (P < 0.05) desirable woody browse than either the Imazapyr or Picloram + Triclopyr sites. However, by years 2 and 3 there was no difference in woody browse production between the Hexazinone and the Picloram + Triclopyr treatments, although the Imazapyr treatment had lower woody browse production. Vine production did not differ among the 3 treatments during years 1 and 2. By year 3, the Imazapyr treatments had the highest vine abundance. Legume and aster abundance was consistently highest on the Imazapyr treatment during all 3 years. Production of other forbs was similar among the treatments for years 1 and 3; however, forb production was highest on the Picloram + Triclopyr treatments for year 2. Grasses were more abundant on the Picloram + Triclopyr treatment during all years, although not significant at year 2. Overall, there was no difference in the total deer forage produced during the fust year. However, by years 2 and 3 the Hexazinone treatment produced more forage than the other treatments. The selectivity of each particular herbicide determined what type of deer forage would be present in the study area. Forest managers should consider herbicide selectivity when prescribing site preparation treatments in areas utilized for deer hunting.

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