Title:  Distribution and movements of white-tailed deer in relation to agricultural plantings.
Author(s): Burns, C. J. and H. A. Jacobson
Year: 1988
Abstract: White-tailed deer home range size and movement patterns were monitored in relation to 200 food plots on the Marion County Wildlife Management Area, MS (17,800 ha). The study design involved a yearly alteration (1984-1987) of planting one half of the area and leaving the adjacent half fallow. A total of 4,500 fixes were taken on 11 does and 5 bucks. Preliminary, annual home range sizes averaged 445 + 242 ha, 34 + 214 ha, and 290 ? 84 ha for females, and 730 + 57 ha, 912 k 410 ha, and 770 + 260 ha for males. Home ranges were calculated using the harmonic mean method. Ranges of males significantly differed (P < 0.05) from females for all three years. Annual home range size for individual deer did not vary significantly with respect to food plot availability (P > 0.05). Distribution of deer ranges did not change significantly with respect to availability of plantings i.e. deer with ranges on the unplanted side of the area did not shift ranges to the planted side. However, preliminary analysis indicates shifts in activity centers within home ranges of deer with access to both planted and unplanted plots.

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