Title:  DeerPeace: a practical alternative for deer management in the suburbs
Author(s): M. David Feld - GeesePeace
Year: 2009
Abstract: DeerPeace is a "systems engineering" approach to reduce deer conflicts in communities. A pilot project now is underway in northern New Jersey to work out implementation details. The DeerPeace program combines proven and emerging technologies so that each component is more effective in combination than if used alone. The DeerPeace pilot began in spring 2008 and will continue until 2010. Coordinated Strategy 1 draws deer to the interior of urban or community forested areas or woodlands to "Intercept Meadows," which are similar to traditional open spaces used by hunters to attract deer. These open spaces increase the amount of forest edge in the interior of the forest and create areas with vegetation that deer prefer. They also keep deer away from the exterior edge of the forest where the conflicts with people are most likely. Coordinated Strategy 2 seeks to eliminate deer ticks. Deer will be treated with insecticide when they eat corn from ‘4-Poster’ delivery systems developed by the USDA. The ‘4-Poster’ systems will be located in the "Intercept Meadows." Coordinated Strategy 3 attempts to stabilize the deer population using contraceptive techniques, when such methods are authorized by state wildlife agencies. Contraceptives will be delivered via darting by trained marksmen operating from raised platforms located around the "Intercept Meadows." The DeerPeace program anticipates "Herds with Hunters," where hunters could play an important role in developing the urban forest "Intercept Meadows" and darting deer in the suburbs.

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