Title:  Correlating scrape activity with breeding activity.
Author(s): Moreland, D. W
Year: 1995
Abstract: Since 1982 reproductive tracts have been colIected from does harvested during the deer season on Beechgrove Plantation in East Feliciana Parish. Peak breeding activity as detamined £tom fetal age occurs between December 1 and December 15. The earliest calculated breeding date is October 31 and the latest is February 18. During the 1993 and 1994 deer seasons sensor cameras were placed at active scrape sites in order to record buck activity for comparison with breeding activity. In 1993 buck activity at scrape sites was highest during the week of December 1-6 which corresponds with the start of peak breeding. A second peak of buck activity occurred during December 25-31 which would indicate the start of what hunters often refer to as the second rut. Data will be presented for both years.

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