Title:  Aspects of wounding of white-tailed deer by bowhunters.
Author(s): Krueger, W. J., J. McAninch, and D. Samuel.
Year: 1995
Abstract: Controversy regarding bowhunting has increased in recent years. Bowhunting opponents have primarily been concerned with the reported number of deer wounded and left in the field. Data on the topic has been limited and of variable quality with wounding rates ranging from 742%. The objective of our study was to provide information on bowhunting and to help understand factors associated with wounding of deer by bowhunters. During the 1992-93 bowhunts at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, hunters were interviewed and deer were examined to determine hunter behavior and activities. Information collected included hunting locations, hunting methods and equipment used, the number of deer seen, the number and outcome of all shots taken and the number of shots passed by hunters. An aerial infrared sensing technique was used to determine the number of dead deer left in the field. A range of 1307-2107 bowhunters participated in each of 4,2day hunts. Results on the number of deer reportedly hit by hunters, the number of deer hit and retrieved, the number of deer hit by 1 bowhunter and retrieved (or tagged) by another bowhunter and the number of unrecovered deer will be presented along with wounding rate and unrecovered loss rate information. Implications for bowhunting and wildlife management will be discussed.

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