Title:  Antlerless deer harvest strategies in Kentucky
Author(s): Phillips, J. H.
Year: 1991
Abstract: Kentucky white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) harvest regulations and philosophy are explained. The philosophy is that Kentucky's herd be managed to provide a reasonable chance for a hunter to harvest an older age class deer. Emphasis has been placed on maintaining the herd on a high plane of nutrition with quantity harvests taking place in the antlerless segment of the herd. This has been done by placing a one buck limit on gun hunters and by placing either-sex seasons prior to bucks only seasons. The 1989 harvest under this plan consisted of 37% does in the total statewide harvest. Several counties had harvests in excess of 50% does in the total harvest. The preliminary results of the one buck limit on gun hunters and its impact on age structure and harvest is examined

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