Title:  Fixed Kernel Home Range Estimates of Urban Deer in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
Author(s): Kara B. Campbell, Charles A. DeYoung, Randall W. DeYoung, David G. Hewitt - Texas A&M University; Jessica Alderson, Ryan Schoeneberg, Richard Heilbrun - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Year: 2013
Abstract: Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, 27 miles north of San Antonio, has an overabundant white-tailed deer (Odocioleus virginianus) population. Management of suburban deer is influenced by home range size and movements, but data from urban and suburban areas are lacking. Our objective was to determine the home range size and movement of white-tailed deer throughout the city. Deer were captured from January to April, 2012 using drop-nets placed throughout the city. Captured deer were sexed, aged, and given unique ear-tag combinations. Twenty females were collared with VHF transmitters and 18 males were tagged with a VHF ear transmitter. Deer with VHF transmitters were located weekly using a receiver and portable antenna. The mean 95% fixed kernel home range was 58.1± 11.89 acres for males and 39.3±5.51 acres for females. The 50% mean home range for males was 12.0± 2.42 acres compared to 8.7± 1.37 acres for females. Although these home ranges are from spring and summer locations, they are less than half the size of annual estimates found from urban deer studies in Connecticut (103 acres) and Illinois (153 acres). Supplemental feed, habitat quality, and deer density may influence the size of urban deer home ranges. Small home ranges may allow for effective management to be achieved on small landholdings. However, if localized management is implemented, movement of deer on adjacent properties would need to be understood.

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