Title:  Analysis of 1989 harvest information from two antlerless deer harvest systems in South Carolina.
Author(s): Shipes, D. A., and T. Ivey
Year: 1991
Abstract: Antlerless harvest information from a 15 county area of South Carolina's piedmont was compared and contrasted to information from a 28 county area of the coastal plain. The piedmont area utilized 14 either-sex days (Oct. 27-28, Nov. 1-4, 8-1 1 and Dec. 13-16) and the coastal plain utilized an antlerless deer quota program (ADQP) where allotted tags were valid for 93 days (Oct. 1-Jan. 1). Doe removal rates were similar for both areas at 1.94/miz square for the piedmont and 1.911mi for the coastal plain. Buck fawns (button bucks) comprised 18.3% of the antlerless harvest in the piedmont but only 9.7% in the coastal plain. Further, fawns (bucks and does) comprised 38.7% in the coastal plain. The percentage of does in the total harvest was greater in the coastal plain at 43.0% vs. 32.3% for the piedmont. A significant amount of the total doe harvest (26.9%) occurred on the first two either-sex days (Oct. 27-28) in the piedmont. The harvest declined in each successive either-sex period thereafter. The coastal plain system resulted in a much more stable harvest over the 93 day legal period. The last week of the season (Dec. 25-Jan. 1) and Thanksgiving week (Nov. 19-25) were the first and second ranked harvest weeks, respectively. These data suggest that the ADQP in the coastal plain (along with factors not described herein) facilitated a stable antlerless harvest over an extended period of time, thereby, maximizing recreational opportunity and providing "quality" hunting experiences. Further, the ADQP resulted in a more selective harvest with a greater percentage of does than did the either-sex day system and, therefore, maximized management opportunities. However, the doe removal rate for both systems was similar.

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