Title:  The Noble Foundation drop-net system for capturing white-tailed deer - the next generation.
Author(s): Kenneth L. Gee and John H. Holman - The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, and Dewayne Crelia - RSI Communications
Year: 2003
Abstract: At the 1999 SEDSG meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we reported on a manpower-efficient drop-net system for capturing white-tailed deer. In an effort to improve trapping effectiveness and efficiency, we have modified that system to make its operation completely remote. Modifications to the field unit consist of a day/night weatherproof closed-circuit surveillance camera, an infrared light source, a video transmitter, an antenna tower with parabolic directional antenna, and a remote net release unit. The monitoring unit consists of an antenna tower with an omni-directional antenna, a video receiver, a television monitor, and a 2-way radio with keypad. These additions, coupled with the infrared-triggered monitoring unit described in Arkansas, eliminate the need for on-site monitoring and the associated disturbance. This drop-net system also facilitates around-the-clock monitoring and selective trapping. Twelve-volt deep cycle batteries power the field unit, making it ideal for use in remote locations. We have successfully used this system at distances up to 2 miles. If a clear line-of-sight is maintained between the transmitting and receiving antennas, use at greater distances is possible. The fixed cost of improvements is $3,850. Cost of antenna towers at the trap site and receiving station is $10 per foot and varies with height required to achieve line-of-sight transmissions. Multiple sites may be monitored and trapped simultaneously with the addition of field units ($3,450).

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