Title:  The Mahannah Association: A case study in deer management
Author(s): Mississippi Department of Conservation
Year: 1987
Abstract: The Mahannah Association, comprised of 26 deer hunting clubs encompassing 30,000 acres, was studied as a case history of trial and error experiences of deer biologists administering a Cooperative Deer Managment Assistance ~ro~rarno'n( p~riv~at~e l~an)ds in Mississippi. The role if the wildlife biologist as problem solver, leader, motivator and educator was explored. Law enforcement support was improved, crop damage conflicts were resolved, landowner and hunter cooperation improved and credibility of wildlife biologists, as viewed by hunters, was enhanced. The deer herd responded to harvest strategies as predicted but not in a straight line response over time. Constant repetition of sound deer management principles was necessary to keep clubs focused on their goals.

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