Title:  Survey of Louisiana deer (Odocoileus vir~inianus)u sing a computerized biological data base.
Author(s): Roberts, E. D., J. D. Newson, J. W. Farrar, and P. Swank
Year: 1983
Abstract: Summer deer survey data for the past five years has been computerized with the following correlations being made: 1. Age of Animal vs. Various Parameters. 2. Effect of Female Reproductive Status vs. Various Parameters. 3. Type Habitat, Sex, Liver Flukes and Blue Tongue Titer vs. Various Parameters. 4. Abomasal Parasite Count vs. Various Parameters. Various serum parameters determined include: Glucose; Lactate Dehydrogenase; Gamma Glutamyl Transpepidase; Creatnine; Calcium; Phosphorus; Globulins (Alpha, Beta, Gamma); Albumin/Globulin Ratio; Total Protein. Data was evaluated using General Linear or Chi Square Models.

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